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Industry experience. Prior to founding the company, Touchstone officers accumulated a combined total of over 65 years of experience in integrating new technology into the vehicle, and evaluating its effects on drivers – including head-up displays, night-vision systems, by-wire vehicle control systems, advanced steering systems, rear-park assist and rear-backing crash countermeasures, side blind zone alert systems, navigation and route guidance systems, and infotainment and telematics systems, among others.

Cross-industry cooperation. In addition, prior to company formation, Touchstone founders were engaged in more than 10 years of work in the area of driver distraction and attention management (including participation in the development of guidelines at the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which served as one input to NHTSA’s distraction guidelines). This type of work has been continued within Touchstone, since it was formed in 2008 – and Touchstone employees remain active in standards-making organizations.

Broad range of clients. Touchstone Evaluations supports contracts ranging from small industry consultation efforts to participation in multi-million dollar university and industry consortia. Clients range from suppliers to Fortune 500 companies. Terms of contracts typically require client confidentiality, and so they are not identified by name here.

Multidisciplinary staff. Touchstone’s current professional staff includes Ph.D. and Master’s level researchers with broad experience in assessment and analytics. Our staff has diverse backgrounds including Human Factors Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, and Neuroscience. Employees of Touchstone have a strong record of scientific publication (over 200) and patents (>8). Our staff is also formally trained and experienced with human subject testing, as well as with IRB procedures, including the preparation and review of IRB proposals.


Areas of Expertise


Driver-in-the-loop research

Touchstone performs driver-in-the-loop studies that provide rich information about effects of new and advanced technologies on drivers.

  • Human-machine interfaces

  • Advanced technologies in the vehicle

  • Automation, trust, use

  • Road, test track, simulator, virtual environments

advanced analytics

Touchstone assists clients in extracting meaning from data by using new, novel and specialized data analysis techniques; and modeling.

  • Handling big data

  • Specialized data analysis

  • Innovative approaches

  • Modeling

  • Experimental to naturalistic data; specialty designs

Attention management techniques

Touchstone offers cutting-edge knowledge and techniques from attention management science, including real-time assessment, diagnostics, and cuing.

  • Real-time assessment of driver attention

  • Diagnostics for driver state

  • Attentional cuing

  • Interruption management

distraction evaluation of digital systems

Touchstone tests infotainment systems and phone-based apps for distraction (according to guidelines like NHTSA’s, the Alliance’s, etc.).

  • NHTSA guidelines

  • Alliance guidelines

  • Multiple methods

situation awareness support

Touchstone is a leading provider of SA expertise in the automotive domain, developing innovative SA-assessments, SA-enhancing solutions for clients.

  • Measurement & evaluation

  • Support of SA through design of concepts

    (including virtual & augmented displays; HUDs; etc.)

  • Mental models & training

video analysis & annotation

Touchstone performs video analysis and annotation of different types -- glance behavior, secondary task activity, environmental attributes, etc.

  • Glance behavior

  • Task activity & behaviors

  • Environmental features

  • Traffic elements

  • Frame-by-frame; high interrater reliability