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Designing for real people to energize product innovation and success since 2008

Headquartered near Detroit, Michigan, Touchstone Evaluations supports clients in transportation and related industries throughout the country. Our firm specializes in human factors matters, from developing new product ideas to testing final products in the field with real users. Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer, supplier, an insurance provider, smartphone provider or applications-manufacturer, our staff can help with a range of needs -- from assisting with development of new product ideas in a human-centered manner, to carrying out user-in-the-loop testing to be sure that your products will thrive in the world with their users. We bring extensive scientific experience and professionalism to every client and every case -- customizing our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our human factors professionals have been practicing for well over a decade and bring multiple disciplines together in their problem-solving work. We’re on the pulse of modern technology -- always incorporating new findings and methods -- and have monitored their evolution to inform our approaches -- all to give you exceptional research, development, and testing support that will last for years to come.

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Areas of Expertise

Driver-in-the-loop research

Touchstone performs driver-in-the-loop studies that provide rich information about effects of new and advanced technologies on drivers.

  • Human-machine interfaces

  • Advanced technologies in the vehicle

  • Automation, trust, use

  • Multiple methods: road, test track, simulator, virtual environments

advanced analytics

Touchstone assists clients in extracting meaning from data by using new, novel and specialized data analysis techniques; and modeling.

  • Handling big data

  • Specialized data analysis

  • Innovative approaches

  • Modeling

  • Experimental to naturalistic data; specialty designs

Attention management techniques

Touchstone offers cutting-edge knowledge and techniques from attention management science, including real-time assessment, diagnostics, and cuing.

  • Real-time assessment of driver attention

  • Diagnostics for driver state

  • Attentional cuing

  • Interruption management

distraction evaluation of digital systems

Touchstone tests infotainment systems and phone-based apps for distraction (according to guidelines like NHTSA’s, the Alliance’s, etc.).

  • NHTSA guidelines

  • Alliance guidelines

  • Multiple methods

situation awareness support

Touchstone is a leading provider of SA expertise in the automotive domain, developing innovative SA-assessments, SA-enhancing solutions for clients.

  • Measurement & evaluation

  • Support of SA through design of concepts (including virtual & augmented displays; HUDs; etc.)

  • Mental models & training

video analysis & annotation

Touchstone performs video analysis and annotation of different types -- glance behavior, secondary task activity, environmental attributes, etc.

  • Glance behavior

  • Task activity & behaviors

  • Environmental features

  • Traffic elements

  • Frame-by-frame; high interrater reliability



Award-winning Founders

Both of Touchstone’s officers hold awards for their technical work (Dr. Repa - GM Boss Kettering Award, GM Chairman’s Honors Award, GM R&D Charles L. McCuen Award, GM Engineering Centers Recognition Award; and Dr. Angell: GM Chairman’s Honors Award, and the A.R. Lauer Safety Award from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of the U.S.)

Successful Projects

40/40 projects have been have been completed successfully over the last 10 years and 90% of clients have returned with repeat business after their first project with Touchstone.


We must design for people the way they are, not the way we wish them to be.
— Don Norman


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